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Martin’s Fishing Adventures is a fully licensed, Canadian owned and operated charted sport fishing boat operating in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. This enterprise was built by Marty, a Canadian with a passion for fishing, and run by the captain, Miguel " Puritos" Alvarez Joya. His collective passion for sailing the beautiful Puerto Vallarta waters and an eagerness to share his sport fishing knowledge with others enables us to excel in this industry.


The water is warm, deep blue, and action packed in Puerto Vallarta. Here, you will have no trouble finding (and catching!) yellow fin tuna, sailfish, blue, black, and striped marlin, & dorado, to name a few of the many species that live in this area. If you thoroughly enjoy sport fishing or simply lounging by the bay, Puerto Vallarta is where you need to be and Martin’s Fishing Adventures is the leading charter fishing company in the area to ensure your fishing trip expectation are better than just met; they are exceeded.

Fishing Charter Boat in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Snorkelling, Whale Watching, Party Cruise, Big Game Fishing, Fishing Tours. Crew that is both Spanish and English Speaking.


Martin’s Fishing Adventures is fluent in both English and Spanish.  Our beloved Captains have a combined 84 years of sailing experience under their belts (holy maceral that’s a lot of experience!)

Miguel and his two sons have devoted their entire lives to sport fishing and sailing in the Puerto Vallarta area. They will use their local knowledge to take you to the best fishing spots.



The "La Cindy", an impressive 40 ft. long and 14.2 ft. wide yacht, is our most prized and beloved possession (on par with our fantastic crew and captains). She is the perfect vessel to take you sport fishing, site seeing, snorkelling, diving, or whale watching. She is also great at sailing you out to offshore fishing grounds to catch big game or simply float along the coast as you soak up the hot Mexican sun and create memories with your loved ones. You decide: cruise in the bay for the day or head out to the far side to catch some big game.


Both English and Spanish Speaking Fishing Charter in Puerto Vallarta.

Water, Ice and Crew


All our charters come with complimentary water, ice and the crew to assist in your experience.



The "La Cindy" has the capacity to hold 12 people, in addition to the crew.



Our boat houses a kitchen and 2 beds for your overnight charters.

Fishing License


Our boat is fully insured and upon charter a fishing license is supplied and provided.


Large, Clean, Convenient Washroom with Electric Flush Toilet.



La Cindy in the Bay
La Cindy in the Bay

Fishing Charter Boat for hire in Puerto Vallarta Mexico.

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Back of the La Cindy
Back of the La Cindy

View out the back of the boat off the coast of Puerto Vallarta.

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Sunset Shot
Sunset Shot

Sunset in Puerta Vallarta.

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Puerto Vallarta was once named “La ciudad más amigable del mundo” -The Friendliest City in the World- a reputation that still exists today. There is no shortage of hospitality or things to do in this coastal town. Follow our "Things to Do in Vallarta" updates and posts.



This pristine coastal town is infamously known for its world class sport fishing. Puerto Vallarta’s waters are warm, clean, and action packed.



Puerto Vallarta is a vibrant coastal city that offers great mexican culture, food and hospitality. There is no shortage of great restaurants and activities to help make up your vacation days.



Puerto Vallarta emerald waters remain warm and clear all year round, hovering around 85 degrees in summer, and  75 degrees in the winter months.



There are 9 outstanding golf courses in the Vallarta area that are sure to impress and appease you. Each golf course has a beautiful view of the coastal line and The Bay’s glimmering waters, ranging between 9 and 18 holes, and offer a variety of packages to suit your budget and needs.

Whale Watching


Off the coast our crew knows the best places to spot whales. Puerto Vallarta is know as a great place to catch a glimpse of a whale.

Horse Riding


What better way to explore the jungles, rivers, waterfalls, and coastal line of Puerto Vallarta than by horseback? There is no shortage of horses (or tour guides) eager to take you on the most memorable excursion through Vallarta’s enticing tropical landscape and scenery. 


“A wonderfully, clean, relaxed and unique fishing experience. Highlight of our vacation” - Jason



Los Peines Puerto Vallarta, Jal. Mexico



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